About Us

Span – noun - an extent, stretch, reach, or spread between two limits OR to span a space or distance

Core - noun, often attributive - a central and often foundational part usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature

“Span” + “Core” = SpanCore

“Expertise Span Across Core Technologies”

SpanCore is IT consulting services company head quartered in Silicon Valley helping clients providing innovative and transformative solutions. We are a small business with 20+ years of experience in IT industry. Our core strength has been our customer and employee satisfaction. Whom so ever we have worked with, they have considered us as their go-to partner to help make their IT projects successful. When our customers succeed, our employees and consultants get to work on challenging IT projects, at SpanCore our mission is accomplished.

Our Philosophy has been that customer’s best understand their own business processes and SpanCore knows best as to how to design and implement systems to efficiently and effectively run and operate customer business processes. Spancore augments clients business and IT organization which leads to a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved in any IT project.

We specialize in following area:

  • Digital Experience Delivery
  • System Integration, Data Analysis & Management
  • End-to-end Software Quality Assurance & testing

Core Values

At SpanCore we pledge by these Core Values

Honesty – Honesty is at the core of any client engagements and do our best to provide all the details in black and white.

Integrity – Integrity goes hand in hand with honesty and we take it very seriously and all the dealings are looked through magnifying glass.

Respect – Everyone are different in one way or another and we respect that. Everyone we interact or work with directly or indirectly, we treat them with respect.

Open Communication – Nothing will work, if there is no Open communication. We believe in over and open communication within SpanCore and with our customers and project teams.

Continuous Improvement – We do not agree with status co. We are always passionate to do more and better than what was done earlier and continuously improvise and improve.

Learning – Change is constant, continuously learning and enhancing skill sets is important to us. It enables us to provide nimble and innovative solutions to your clients.

Digital Experience Delivery

SpanCore have been working on Digital Experience Delivery capabilities for last many years and have helped clients in implementing and managing enterprise wide Digital Delivery Platform.

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SpanCore brings in deep expertise in System Integration, API & Data Management. As organizations are adopting cloud based solutions, it is challenging to manage integrations and keep information unified and secured. It is evidently important to have integration and data management strategy in place. We can help put together these strategies in place, contiously manage them in changing systems landscape and help organizations to stay ahead in the game.

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Quality Assurance & Testing

SpanCore testing services are pre-defined point solutions that integrate efficient quality assurance into the software and system lifecycle. We follow a business-outcome-oriented testing methodology that focuses on improving key quality, cost, and performance metrics while managing risks.

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