Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Often we have seen clients complaining about time spent in testing the releases or product launches.We spend so much time testing application during every release or launches. We do all kind of testing: unit testing, regression testing, integration testing, QA testing and user acceptance testing, but still the end product is not 100% defect free. Team is struggling for last minute fix, risking the launch and jeopardizing the complete QA process as we do not know whether the fix introduced any other defect or not. There is not enough time to test.

Quality assurance has to an integral part of any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). If code is being developed and deployed to production or released as part of product hotfix or minor or major releases, there has to be proper quality assurance plan and procedure in place. This quality assurance plan has to make sure the release is defect free. Depending on the nature of the application, team demographics and location, technology used or integrated, time, budget and organization commitment towards quality assurance; whatever may be the case, AUTOMATED TESTING AT EVERY STAGE OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE AND INTEGRATING IT WITH RELEASE MANAGEMENT is a key to solve this problem.

SpanCore can partner with you to come up with the right quality assurance plan with automated testing and release management strategy. Spancore will provide recommendation and solution that is tailored to your organization needs but based on industry best practices, lessons learned and experienced gained from other implementations.

Our QA practice lead will come in and understand the current SDLC, release and QA process. They will do defect analysis and assessment based on application or product towers and present you with the problem statement, solution, recommendation and how and what is needed to get to a mature state with measureable PKI’s.

If you already have Quality Assurance Strategy, SpanCore can help in making sure it is adopted and followed within the organization. SpanCore can take complete ownership of your Quality Assurance. We can provide right mix of Quality Assurance program and projects mgrs., Engineers and Testers and partner with the application or product development team. As per needs we can quickly ramp up or ramp down resources and effectively use onshore and offshore model to effectively manage time and budget.

Digital Experience Delivery

SpanCore have been working on Digital Experience Delivery capabilities for many years and have helped clients in implementing and managing enterprise wide Digital Delivery Platform.

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