System Integration, Data Analysis & Management

As organizations are adopting cloud based solutions, it is challenging to manage integrations and keep information unified and secured. It is important to have integration and data management strategy in place which is cohesive across the organization and systems. There should be exercise within organization to document: each application purpose; what are the integration touch points with other applications; in-bound or out-bound information data flow; what information is being exchanged between the systems; how often; are these resilient and self-recoverable; what is the critically of the integration to the organization and how secured these integrations are. Once we have good understanding of the current foot-print, right integration and data management strategy can be put in place.

SpanCore can provide strategic consulting to bootstrap and kick start the Digital Delivery project; help plan and manage the implementation phase; take the project to go-live, beyond which provide production support and continuous analysis, measurement and improvements.

SpanCore can partner with you to come up with the right system integration, data analysis & management strategy. Spancore will provide recommendation and solution that is tailored to your organization needs but based on industry best practices and standards, off-the-shelf integration orchestration engine, data transformation, governance and cleansing tools and methodologies and lessons learned from past implementations.

SpanCore can take complete ownership of your Integration strategy. We can provide right mix of Architects, Data scientists, program and projects mgrs.and specialized skilled Engineers and Testers to design, implement and support integrations within your organization. We can quickly ramp up or ramp down resources and effectively use onshore and offshore model to keep budget in control.

Quality Assurance & Testing

SpanCore testing services are pre-defined point solutions that integrate efficient quality assurance into the software and system lifecycle. We follow a business-outcome-oriented testing methodology that focuses on improving key quality, cost, and performance metrics while managing risks.

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